Portrait process

Portraits are created from photos that clients send through. It is usually best to send 4-5 high resolution pictures. A range of photos is useful particularly where some capture the person unaware - while they sleep, while they are relaxed reading a book or while sharing a moment with friends. These pictures tend to capture the personality better. 

I usually draw using hard cardboard as my base as I like the texture and tones that emerge better that paper. I also enjoy the feeling of turning a throw-away product in to something precious. I use a combination of charcoal, pencil and chalk sometimes using ink or collage but it very much depends on the feel of the portrait.


Work can be framed for an additional cost using frames similar to the one depicted here.

Close up of portrait in progress

Close up of portrait in progress

Sizes are available from small to extra large but sometimes the size/shape may change to reflect the photo better ie. a sleeping head and neck may look better on a narrow landscape shape.

I generally create portraits in 3-4 stages starting with a sketch but then removing myself from the work for a day or 2 before returning to it. The distance allows me to see the image afresh each time and as the layers build the portrait emerges.

Pictures are available framed or unframed according to the clients wishes. I use a framers in Lewisham who have a range of wooden frames and ivory mounts that work well with my work.

Mural process

Murals are created from images/photos/book illustrations that the client collects as ideas with their child. I then examine the images and look at the space where the mural is required and start to draw some designs for consideration using the original samples as inspiration.

With the family we then agree the most popular design taking in to consideration the size/colours and of course how long the design would take. For example a more detailed complex design would take longer and so a simpler option may be more desirable.

My murals differ enormously from my portrait art as you can see from the design samples provided of Alvin and the chipmunks and Lilo and Stitch!

The mural outlines are first drawn on to the wall and then painted using the internal wall paint pots you would but from hardware stores. Sample pots provide a diverse range of bold and bright colours ideal for capturing the colours of childhood.

Sketch of Lilo and Stich’ used for child’s bedroom mural

Sketch of Lilo and Stich’ used for child’s bedroom mural

Sketch of Alvin and the Chipmunks used for child’s bedroom mural