As every portrait commission is unique, quotations are tailored to fit each individual request. Size and complexity of detail and are all factors which must be taken into account, as such the following costings (and sizes) should be viewed upon as a rough guide.

Small - £80 approximately 36 cm x 30 cm

Medium - £120 approximately 50 cm x 45 cm

Large - £160 approximately 60 cm x 68 cm

X Large - £200 approximately 80 cm x 110 cm

Some people may be looking for something unusual or want a particular painting or sketch as a gift, of a film icon for example. For commission enquiries please contact me to discuss your ideas and pricing.


I deliver art workshops to groups of up to 10 and am particularly skilled and experienced in teaching children and in teaching adults with learning disabilities/difficulties.

Subjects are broad and aim to explore the world around us, texture, colour shapes and exciting themes using different materials, tools and activities including printing, mark making, modelling, collage, painting and drawing. Children have enjoyed projects such as making wands, story sticks and natural weaves in green spaces.

Sessions are great fun and develop a broad range of skills including fine motor skills, social skills and skills in observation and hand/eye coordination. Sessions can be delivered in schools and community venues or within nature reserve spaces in Lewisham.

Sessions are for a minimum of 2 hours at £50 per hour (equivalent to £5 per person per hour). Holiday sessions are £6 per hour per child but sibling discounts apply as well as discounts for disadvantaged families.


Each mural is individually designed according to the brief, the space, and the budget. A quotation is provided and once agreed a date booked. The design is hand sketched across the wall and then hand painted leaving a long lasting image that adds to the surroundings.

The cost of a mural is determined by the size of the wall area and the level of detail in the mural design. Prices are fixed when quoting for the mural and includes all the painting, travelling and material costs. So the price I quote is the price you pay even if your mural takes me a little longer to paint than estimated. Quotations are free of charge and without obligation.

 Hand painted wall murals start from £300.